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After-show beverages

Category: Party/event: Invitation-only

Come to the Rebellion booth at the close of business hours for free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), a chat with the team, and most importantly the thickest carpet at the show. If you want an invite, email

New Products & Technologies

• May 20 • May 29 • June 5 • June 11

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The ‘terrifyingly intense’ third person shooter is back for a fourth installment. Featuring a brand-new Story Campaign, the return of the ever popular Horde Mode, and... zombie sharks! Need we say more?

• May 20 • May 29 • June 5 • June 11

Evil Genius 2

The world domination sim is back! But you wouldn't reveal secrets obtained from a top secret lair, would you?

• May 20 • May 29 • June 5 • June 11

Sniper Elite VR

Find out more about the first virtual reality entry ever in the fan-favorite sharpshooting series.